In May, the third edition of Franchising North

Franchising Nord is an event designed for business, based on a simple format that aims to define contracts and the meeting between the parties.

It’s an important trade fair for all companies looking for affiliates and for all those who wish to open their own business.

The event is organized by QUiCKFairs and BeTheBoss order to ensure the flow of a targeted audience, with serious motivation for entrepreneurial activity on their own. The division of space is organized with special attention to the needs of both franchisor has a franchisee.Franchising North will be held in Piacenza on 25 and 26 May 2013.

Logo-Fair-franchise – NordLa choice of Piacenza

As the headquarters of the North Franchising is another strong point of the event, because it represents a strategic point for fast connections throughout northern and central Italy. The Fair provides Internet services in step with the times: wi-fi and visitors tracking included!

The event also offers an opportunity for further study through the Franchise Forum, an event focused on the most current topics of Franchising

Already in the second edition have exposed the leading companies in their fields from all over Italy. The third edition of Franchising North promises in full growth. Franchising North has all the characteristics of a fair of high interest to which it is important to participate.

Franchising Nord 2013 is an opportunity for those who want to take charge of their own destiny to find a job and who are therefore deemed economically viable to start his own.The preparation of Franchise Leoblog follow the event for you.

That’s Italian franchise: only emotions Italian

Points of sale for fans of the design of the Vespa.That’s Italy is a licensee of important Italian brands like Vespa, FIAT 500, APE, Moto Guzzi, Memories.The company has had the bright idea to reproduce the values of Italy in a single container.

Through a network of franchised stores, customers arouses emotions of lovers and enthusiasts of the various brands and attracts a clientele of tourists fascinated by objects that evoke the culture and the Italian way of life. That’s Italy in shops are clothing or fashion accessories, which appeal to the culture and traditions of Italian.

Design, fashion, history, art and leisure are in fact elements of the immediate relationship between Italy and its references historical, artistic, cultural.For each brand presented can also delve into the history of the products with a descriptive section on the history of the various brands.


Every single store has a custom-designed furnishings.Each space is exploited with modular elements that ensure a perfect display support and a coordinated among the various elements.The exhibition layout is easy to read in order to facilitate a self-service total or partially witnessed.

To open a new store That’s Italy requires a minimum investment that can vary from 30,000.00 to 50,000.00 EUR.

WM Capital, AZ Franchising award for excellence in broadcast day franchise systems

Fabio Pasquali, CEO of WM Capital, a company specializing in Business Format Franchising that promotes business growth through the development of the franchise, he was awarded the Special Recognition IREF Italy. During his twenty years of experience WM Capital has facilitated the development of over 500 formats, selecting innovative business models in industries with high growth potential, supporting systems directly to network with interesting development projects and real opportunities to create value over time.

During the conference were presented 10 proposals for the development of the sector that AZ Franchising has submitted to the Government. In a statement Senator Elena Fissore said that with the investigations of AZ Franchising” has been able to take note of the economic phenomenon of the commercial in which Italy has produced well over 149 new franchisors with franchisees only 52 thousand in the year 2012″ by offering the its willingness to bring proposals to the attention of Parliament and the Government. acceded to the document, among others IREF Italy and President of the National Accountants Marco Cuchel.

“It is with great pride and satisfaction that I receive this award,” said Fabio Pasquali, CEO and President of Capital WM AZ Franchising,” which is a tribute to the contribution made in recent years in a competitive market such as network systems, which has a turnover of 35 billion in 2012, creating jobs and showing high rates of growth and development.”

This important recognition was awarded by IREF Italian Federation of European networks of partnerships and franchises” for their invaluable dedication and significant cultural contribution of the highest quality with which Fabio Pasquali very well and professionally contributed to the dissemination and knowledge of the characteristics of franchise systems.” The awards ceremony was held as part of the Congress ‘ Job Franchise, skills, and proposals for a future of quality in the industry”, organized by IREF and sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

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