That’s Italian franchise: only emotions Italian

Points of sale for fans of the design of the Vespa.That’s Italy is a licensee of important Italian brands like Vespa, FIAT 500, APE, Moto Guzzi, Memories.The company has had the bright idea to reproduce the values of Italy in a single container.

Through a network of franchised stores, customers arouses emotions of lovers and enthusiasts of the various brands and attracts a clientele of tourists fascinated by objects that evoke the culture and the Italian way of life. That’s Italy in shops are clothing or fashion accessories, which appeal to the culture and traditions of Italian.

Design, fashion, history, art and leisure are in fact elements of the immediate relationship between Italy and its references historical, artistic, cultural.For each brand presented can also delve into the history of the products with a descriptive section on the history of the various brands.


Every single store has a custom-designed furnishings.Each space is exploited with modular elements that ensure a perfect display support and a coordinated among the various elements.The exhibition layout is easy to read in order to facilitate a self-service total or partially witnessed.

To open a new store That’s Italy requires a minimum investment that can vary from 30,000.00 to 50,000.00 EUR.